Cold Brewed Mint Iced Tea


FINALLY, the temperature lowered itself back down to the 70s. It's about time! I really wanted to share this beautiful cold brewed mint tea recipe with you today, although I think it would probably be more refreshing on those 100-degree days. Don't worry--I won't wish them back just for tea.

If you haven't made cold brewed tea before, now's the time to start! It's the easiest drink to make, and the variations are endless. This mint tea, by the way, is pretty boring compared to some of the tea recipes out there, but this is the way I make it day-to-day. If you want it fancier, by all means go for it! Cold brewed tea contains less caffeine too, so don't worry if you drink more than one glass.

Happy tea drinking! Enjoy the weather while it lasts (and come back soon for a little mini-series on how to use your CSA greens)!

Cold Brewed Mint Iced Tea

Makes 8 servings

8 black tea bags
10 or so fresh mint leaves
64 ounces cold filtered water

Fill a large pitcher with water. Add tea bags to the side of the pitcher and secure if needed. Place mint in a cheese cloth or a tea ball and add to the water. Put pitcher in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. If you like the strength of the tea and mint, remove both from water and enjoy! If you want it stronger, keep in refrigerator until desired strength. Add more mint leaves for garnish.