Vin d'Orange, Part II


Do you remember a few weeks ago when we made Vin d'Orange? Well, it's finally finished and time to drink!

It turned out pretty well, very cinnamon-y and not as much citrus flavor as I would've liked, but still good. Husband likes it by itself or over ice, I prefer it with some sparkling water. If we made it again I would probably take out the cinnamon and vanilla altogether, though I'm sure some would argue with me on that. Definitely a refreshing drink for summer and a great start to our liqueur-making future nonetheless.


And the winner of our champagne giveaway is....

We loved the idea of making a tart to go with our champagne, and though we had a few tarts to choose from, Cassie's Bake or Break Fresh Berry Tart recipe won in the end. We were excited to find a recipe that was very informative and helpful, as well as written by someone that obviously knows their stuff. We are looking forward to trying out this great recipe in a few short weeks. Thanks, Cassie!

(By the way, check out her amazing photography site here...she is incredible.)

A big thanks to all that participated in our giveaway, we really had a lot of fun. We always love hearing from you!


Voila, the china hutch! Still trying to choose some fun knobs to go with it; what do you think of these? We'll stick with one.

DSC_0071 DSC_0075 DSC_0076

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Cassandra Plummer Cleveland Children's Photographer said...

Enjoy!!! I may make this for our anniversary:) Love the first two knobs- the cream and gold one, but my favorite is the colorful knob.

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