Can you find Le Man and Wife?

Husband and I decided to participate in decor8's Stripe Mania this weekend. It's been such a fun way to meet other bloggers and put some faces with names. What do you think, can you find us?
(Update: you actually have to click on that link, folks...I'm not asking you to find us on that tiny boat in the picture at the bottom...)

Keep the comments coming on the giveaway; we really want to send someone a great bottle of champagne! All you need is a simple idea, not even the whole recipe. Don't be shy!


Have a lovely Sunday!


Alex Griffith said...

After spending more minutes than I would care to admit searching for you beautiful kids in this lakeshore pic-I realized I had to click on the "can you find us?" link. And you were there. Adorable.

BoersMama said...

Thank you to Alex for explaining that I needed to click on the "can you find us" link. I also spent way too long looking for you on the lakeshore. :)

Allison Lautz said...

I was sure they were either on the boat or in that shady patch on the right

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