The Bento Box


When Wife and I went to Hope together, we loved going out to eat whenever we could. Holland is a charming small town, and though we love it for its cute and idyllic personality, its list of excellent eateries is a tad on the short side. It wasn't long before our foodie appetites had eaten through every delicious dish these restaurants had to offer. Visiting there recently made me nostalgic for the all the great meals we had eaten but also made me appreciate the variety of dining options we have in Chicago.

Just last weekend we had the opportunity to sit down at one of the newer additions to our neighborhood, The Bento Box.  The restaurant turned out to be very charming, with just twelve seats and only two employees. Best of all: it's BYOB!  Let me just stop right here and tell you that this place is delicious.  Serving up a pan-Asian style cuisine, it seems to have a slight favoritism toward Korean dishes; fine with me because the beef bulgogi and kimchi were excellent.  


(Lime Leaf Curry Mussels)

(Tempura Scallops)

If you're ever in our area, make sure to check out The Bento Box (and if you're feeling generous, grab us an order of scallops and stop on by).

P.S. Did you notice any difference in our pictures? We got a new lens. More on that later.


Laura said...

The mussels & scallops weren't available Friday night:-(

BetterTogether said...

Yes, yes and yes please.......

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