Blog Resolutions


I have to admit, Le Man and Wife has been hanging by a thread for the last few months. New jobs, new projects, and new friends have stolen our attention recently, and though we still love to cook together, we haven't put much time into making it a priority. Nonetheless, I feel a bond with Le Man and Wife. It has been such a great creative outlet for us over the past two years, and I just cant seem to part with it.

So we have returned, with some realistic blog resolutions to keep Le Man and Wife going strong:

Resolution #1: Post less frequently. We love posting recipes, but sometimes it can be difficult to crank out multiple recipes per month. We'll still be posting, just not as frequently as we have in the past. Content quality will still be our top priority!

Resolution #2: Use iPhone photos if needed. We love using our Nikon to take photos as much as possible, but let's be honest--sometimes your iPhone is the only thing that can capture a photo of your amazing meal before you devour it.

Resolution #3: Post simpler recipes. We're thinking that if we don't have time to make anything complicated, you probably don't either. You should expect to see more snack recipes, cocktails, and weeknight dinners; we think those will be more useful to you, anyway.

We hope you'll continue to stick around! We'd love to have you. 


Michael and Caitlin