Wedding Topper!


So we finally defrosted our wedding cake topper.

I have no idea why it took us so long to take it out of the freezer (not to mention it's been taking up a huge fraction of the freezer space); I was pretty much obsessed with our wedding cake when I ate it almost fifteen months ago. I think I've been worried that it was going to be all freezer-burned and dry, but after removing literally a role of plastic wrap from the box and the cake itself, it tasted exactly like it did on our wedding day! Amazing. Thanks, Mom!



Spice cake with cream cheese frosting

On another note, look at my wonderful Hubby cleaning out our new credenza. He went to WORK on that thing, and it looks shiny and beautiful now. I married a good one. :)


Bought here

(I'm headed to this workshop tonight; I have a feeling I'm in big trouble...)


Alex Griffith said...

stunning credenza w/ a shout-out to one of my fav home blogs. quite the quality post children.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SPICE CAKE AND CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. dang, that cake looks delicious. I'm glad it was just as good as at the wedding...'cause it was real good. What made you decide to eat it now instead of on your first anni?

and the credenza looks very shiny. way to go, Michael!

Chelsea said...

I remember that yummy wedding cake! I am glad it kept so well. I love the new credenza. It is really beautiful!

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