Happy Thursday!

A few photos on this beautiful (but cold) Thursday:


My mom made this wonderful salad during our weekend together. Warm brie and shallot dressing, so good.


Another shot at sweet and russet potato fries, with spicy ketchup.


First burgers of the season! Yum.


Now that I'm on spring break (and Husband is at work), I've been spending lots of time in the kitchen. This yummy treat popped up a few days ago when I was bored and craving something sweet.


Buttermilk ice cream, recipe coming soon. Especially tasty with some strawberries on top...



My latest craft--magnets made out of some old pins from Uncle Jack! A little silly but I like them. :)

Speaking of things I like, isn't this amazing? I am such a sucker for cool necklaces...
Hope you're having a great week off, teacher friends!

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Laura said...

Caitlin, good luck as you hang up your apron and return to the classroom. Just 8-9 weeks and we'll be grilling and eating outside on a regular basis.

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