Valentine's Day

Well, ok. I'll be honest. I had this great plan to make some sort of delicious confection for Valentine's Day--caramels, heart-shaped cookies with pink icing, brownie bites--but it just didn't happen. I had my Kindergarten and First Grade performance this week on Wednesday, so my life has been completely consumed with Raffi songs, kazoos, and cardboard cutouts of busses and trains. Baking just hasn't been at the top of my list.

So instead of discussing my lack of heart-shaped sweets, let's just talk about things that we love on this here Valentine's Day.

First, I love Husband. He is my favorite.

Second, I love my niece. She is the cutest niece.

Third, I love the fact that Husband and I get to go see Les Misérables in a few weeks. Bon!

Fourth, I love this.

Fifth, I love Chicago.

That is all.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! ♥


BoersMama said...

That is all?

Brooke said...

Niece really loves you!

t said...

i love all those things too! happy valentine's day!

Laura said...

And I love you! Our Leman Fam scored when you joined us.

Anonymous said...
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