Birthday and a Wreath

Wednesday was my 24th birthday. Huzzah!

Poor Husband had to work late, so my lovely parents came out and had dinner with me at Big Star. Yep, still obsessed with the Tinga De Pollo. Luckily Husband got home in time for cake. Speaking of....

Check out this amazing chocolate cake my mom made for me. Amazing, right?  It was totally delicious and a great birthday treat.


On another note--in case you need some sort of decoration to fill a large space, here's an idea. I found the frame by the curb on trash day and used it for my wedding as a place-card board, and the wreath I made myself. I don't even know where I saw it first, but look here, here, and here for some help on how to make one.

(Looks lopsided, but it's really just the floor...)


Finally, our bedroom is complete!

(I like to craft.)


Cassandra Plummer Cleveland Children's Photographer said...

I love the wreath!! Too cute and cheap!

BoersMama said...

You are too cute!

Chelsea said...

Cute! I remember talking with you about doing this. I am glad that you made it! I will send you some links soon like I promised.

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