Cooking away our troubles...

This summer did not exactly turn out as planned.

Husband and I got married on July 11th. It was the greatest day. Everything went perfectly, minus a little bit of rain. We left for our Montréal honeymoon the next morning and were so excited to explore, eat, and spend time together. Sadly, Husband got very sick on our last day and we had to cancel our much-anticipated reservation to Au Pied de Cochon. Forty-eight hours later, I became just as sick and spent our first night in our new apartment together on the bathroom floor. Too much information? Sorry.

It doesn't stop there.

On our sixth night in our new garden apartment, we woke up at 4am to water covering all 500 square feet of our living space.  We moved out a few hours later and spent the next month with his parents. 

Why all of this, you ask?

During our month at "home", we ate away our sorrows.  We spent lots of time looking up new recipes, taking pictures, and making very involved meals that sometimes had us eating at 10pm.  We made lots of "firsts"--homemade pizza, pork shoulder, and cherry brown butter bars. I even found a good use for my old swimming goggles. 

The next few recipes you will see are backlogs from our time spent at the Leman parents'.  Warning:  they are belt-loosening good. 


Laura said...

Looking forward to keeping up with all of your kitchen adventures. Having tasted many of your delicious creations, I can attest to your talent in the kitchen. We're ready to loosen our belts and try out some of your recipes. How about posting your mac & cheese recipe? It was fabulous!

Roger said...

Excellent name, and excellent start to your new blog!

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